Moersch Consulting Services

CM ConsultingAs the leader of the international LoTi® (e.g., Levels of Teaching Innovation) Digital Age School Improvement Model and a strong supporter of instructional innovation and reform, Dr. Chris Moersch is available to work with your school system to fashion an achievable Next Steps Plan. Dr. Moersch offers specialized consulting in the areas of curriculum development, teacher and principal evaluation systems, authentic assessments, team-building, classroom walkthroughs, and school improvement.  Dr. Moersch is widely considered one of the national experts on digital-age teaching, learning, and leadership.


Dr. Chris Moersch offers consulting services either at your site location or virtually using online video conferencing tools (e.g., Skype) and modern online collaboration tools (e.g., Google Docs). Conducting virtual consultations is now easier than ever, while also proving cost and time efficient.