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ISTE 2015: Pending Sessions

Increasing the Effectiveness of Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Flipped classrooms, 1:1 initiatives, and digital tools have infiltrated today’s classrooms. The chasm that separated the curriculum and technology sides of a district during the Apple IIe/ MS-DOS heyday continues to challenge instructional leadership. Digital Age Best Practices is an empirically-validated set of classroom strategies that are grounded in 21st Century Skills and research-based practices that bridge the gap between technology and curriculum offering key stakeholders with tangible, empirically-validated support to promote greater technology use in the schools. This session introduces the eight Digital Age Best Practices and provides specific strategies using existing digital tools and resources to bring about meaningful change in the classroom and elevate student achievement to new heights.

We all know that too often we attend these presentations at a conference and the presenter flashes tools, links, and strategies on the screen so fast we can hardly process them all. We mean to “look at them” later and mean to spend time exploring them when we get back from the conference. In this session the focus will be on exploring more about the WHY. If participants better why they are using the tools and then have a short time to explore, then they are better equipped to choose between the many tools available and to explore other tools with a specific purpose in mind.


Participants will:

  • Explore the challenge of bridging teacher’s understanding of what it means to prepare for early versions high-stakes testing with the rigor of thinking and complexity of thinking students will need to be successful.

  • Examine the eight Digital Age Best Practices as a common framework to guide the important work of blending existing curriculum with new tools to meet the ever increasing complexity of the Common Core and the needs of a more global society.

  • Encorporate the eight Digital Age Best Practices as described by Dr. Chris Moersch in his book, Improving Student Achievement with Digital Age Best Practices.


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